The town offers AllPaid (formerly GovPayNet) to accept Property Tax Payments (1st installment only) and Building Permit Fees online through their secure servers.  Any transaction fees assessed by AllPaid are collected by them.  The town is not compensated for these fees and the fees are not refundable.


All real estate property tax payments made after January 31st, including late first installment, are made to the Sauk County Treasurer's office.  If you are paying delinquent personal property taxes (not real estate), you need to mail a check to the town. 



2022 1st installment or Payment in Full prior to January 31, 2023 is paid to the town.  This link will be updated for AllPaid after Tax Bills are mailed in December.

All previous years are paid to the Sauk County Treasurer


 Click here to pay for your Building Permit.

 Visit our Planning & Zoning page for a building permit application

You can track your payments and obtain receipts for property taxes through the Sauk County Treasurer's office using the Ascent Land Records System.  (On-line payments are not applied immediately to the system.  Processing may take 24 to 72 hours before appearing on this system to accommodate nights and weekends).