Taxes & Property Info

You can view your property tax information online through Sauk County's Ascent Land Records System. You can obtain assessment values, property tax information, and download copies of your tax bills. Tax bills are published annually before December 15th as required per state statute.

View property information, property taxes, and obtain payment receipts by visiting Sauk County Ascent Land Records.

To print a copy of a tax bill or payment:

  1. Click on the Sauk County Ascent Land Records link above.
  2. In the municipality field, choose "026 - Town of Merrimac" from the drop down list.
  3. In the last name field, type the last name of the property owner and click on the property parcel number (in red) you want from the list and the property information will come up.
  4. Half way down, go to "Select Detail" and choose "Taxes" from the drop down list.
  5. To print a copy of a Tax Bill, click on the red year to the right of "Print Tax Bills:" You can print the .pdf file or download it from your browser.
  6. To print a copy of a payment receipt, click on the red year under " Tax Year* ".  Any balance due appears to the right of the year.  Once this field pops up, you will need to click on the red words "Printer Friendly".  You can print a receipt from your browser.  This receipt shows Sauk County on the bill even if the payment was mailed to the town.

The 2023 Tax Bill (payable in 2024)

The printer mailed the tax bills on December 14, 2023.  As information for the tax bill comes in, we update the worksheet and post the information here.  View the 2023 Tax Bill Information Here.

What is Assessed Value?

This is the estimated value of a parcel of property as determined by the Assessor.  It is the Assessor's best estimate of market value as of January 1st of the tax year at the time of the evaluation. It is important for maintaining equity between and among all taxpayers in the town.

What is Equalized Value?

It is used to apportion tax levies among municipalities and is used in the distribution of shared revenues. It is calculated by dividing the property's total assessed valued by the average assessment ratio. The average assessment ratio is applied to all properties in the town.  In theory, this should approximate the current market value of the property as of January 1st in the year the assessment was determined. This value estimate for the entire town is determined by the Department of Revenue.  This value is also used to determine the "Estimated Fair Market Value".

When are tax bills mailed?

Tax bills are mailed no later than December 15th of the taxing year. The town only collects 1st installments, or for payment in full, through January 31st.  The town's payment link will only be open during tax collection time.  Payments are posted the same day they are received.  Payments must be mailed prior to December 31st and January 31st prior to the cutoff dates for tax purposes and/or to avoid late penalties.  Please  DO NOT pay your tax bill until you have either received it or you can download a copy of your statement from Sauk County.  Make sure you pay the correct amount, shortages may result in the entire bill being delinquent.

After January 31st, all real estate tax and payment inquiries for 2023 and earlier should be directed to the Sauk County Treasurer.  Personal property tax inquiries should contact the town treasurer.

How To Use Sauk County Ascent Land Records:

When searching Ascent Land Records, select the municipality "Town of Merrimac", then search by the Last name.  If the property is in a trust, enter the first word of the trust name in the last name field.  You can also search by tax parcel number, street number, or street name.  It is easiest if you only search using one field.

If you have lost your bill, or have not received it, you can print a copy online by using the "Select Detail" field and  "Taxes" from the dropped down menu.  Next to "Print Tax Bills", select the appropriate year.

If you need a receipt, click on the appropriate year under the "Tax Year" field under "Tax History".